Support Craft

All starships are supplied with a compliment of support craft. These small vessels are used when the transporters may not be used to send an away team to a planet surface, mass evacuations, scientific explorations where conditions do not permit the starship itself to travel, short warp trips away from the ship or many other uses. The following are the support craft carried by this ship.
All ship sizes are relational to one another.

Federation/Romulan Craft
A starfleet/Rihannsu collaboration
Equipped with slip-stream drive and ablative armor
(Ship designed by Chris "Da Wolf" Garvin)
Federation craft
2 Danube Class Runabout
Sparta and Corinth
10 Type 9 Shuttlecraft
Thebes, Aegae, Pella, Messina, Argos, Acharnae, Marathon, Sunium, Tyras, Pylos
10 Starhawk III Fighters.
CODENAMES: Icaria, Scyros, Tenos, Andros, Seriphos, Siphnos, Melos, Thera, Naxos, Euboea, Thasos, Cos, Amorgos, Leucas, Cephallenia, Ithaca, Zacynthos
(Codenames actually denote individual pilots versus fighter names)
4 Work Bee repair pods
Romulan Craft
5 Romulan Assault shuttles (with Cloaks)
Galatia, Rhaetia, Baetica, Assyria and Aegyptus
Ship specifications

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