The USS Athena, an Artemis-class ship is the second of her kind (the first being the proto-type USS Artemis). The ship was named after the ancient Greek goddess, Athena, who was not only the goddess of war but was also considered the goddess of peace for her compassion and generosity, and the goddess of wisdom.

The Athena was launched on stardate 51138.12, under the command of Captain Tai Green. He and his valiant crew completed many successful missions. The ship was docked after Captain Green's five year tour and refitted.

On Stardate 56414.84, Athena was sent out into space once again under the command of Captain Nahimana Namid. Her initial mission was to study the 3rd of 5 wormholes in the vicinity of Pasteur Station, Deep Space 21. Captain Namid was still awaiting the arrival of her complete crew, at DS-21, when the wormhole started emitting strange readings. As they moved in to investigate a squadron of ships emerged from the wormhole and began attacking the Athena.

Unbenknownst to Captain Namid, a Romulan warbird had been cloaked observing the Athena's actions. The warbird de-cloaked and joined in the fray. In another wave of energy from the wormhole all ships were drawn into the wormhole and deposited on the far side of the Beta Quadrant, leaving the two Alpha Quadrant ships some thirty (30) years, at warp 9.989, from home. To complicate matters, the attacking ships had concentrated their fire on the stronger warbird, heavily damaging it and killing all but 15 members of it's crew.

Captain Namid offered the surviving Romulan cew sanctuary on the Athena, and even offered them postions among the crew while they made the journey back home. The Romulans reluctantly accepted and were ordered by the surviving senior officer, Arrain Takaram to work as best as they could as part of the Athena crew.
On Stardate 57427.14, Lt. Svonn reported for his duty shift on the bridge, to find the entire bridge crew comatose. As no immediate cause or cure was found for the captain and first officer's conditions, Svonn was forced to assume command of the ship.

On Stardate 58856.27, while answering a distress call from a transport freighter, the Athena encountered the Enclave.

On Stardate 59146.6, the Athena received a automated transmission from a probe. The message was being transmitted over and over again from a slip-stream communications relay, that had been set up by the crew of the USS Eagle. Svonn ordered the comm officer to answer the relay. An instant communications link had been established between the Athena, and the Eagle. Svonn was able to inform Starfleet Command the current status of the ship and crew.

In 2383, Starfleet Command made the decision to make an official mission, the Athena's travels in the Beta Quadrant. Captain Jazmine was given command of this unique crew and misstion. Erei'Riov Ronov was selected, from the Romulan Empire, to be the XO, and commanding Romulan officer aboard the ship. A joint effort was made to design the uniforms and the specialized shuttle which would be equipped with a slip-stream drive andspecial ablative armor to accomodate the slp-stream conduit.

In late 2384, Lt. Commander Svonn, along with Arrain Jhu'Rhiana set out to investigate energy readings, Svonn deduced as the same as from the Elder Base. While investigating, in the runabout, Spartan, they were attacked by an unknow assailant. They were forced to set down on another planet in the same system, and the assailant left the area. Their intrusion into this particular sector, attracted the attention of the Starzen.

The Starzen captain initially informed Svonn that they were trespassing in forbidden space and they were going to be taken prisoner. Svonn convinced the captain they were not aware of ay restrictions. Ahter some negotiations, the Sparta was allowed to return to the Athena

In early 2385, sensors detected yet another Elder base, located in Starzen space. A cloaked expedition was mounted, using two of the attack shuttles, to investigate the readings. The expedition, lead by Erei'Riov Ronov