Biographical File
Number 67480384.

Name:Jazmine Mergahn
Current Assignment:Commanding Officer,USS Athena
Current Rank: Captain
Species:1/2 Betazoid, 1/2 Terran
Date of Birth:25246.58, March 31. 2348
Marital status:Single
Physical Description:
Height:5; 8"
Weight:150 lbs.
Hair Color:Dark brown
Eye Color:Brown
Psionic rating:3 (empathic, telepathic with certain races/individuals)
Mother:Lenora Mergahn, Age: 61. Location: Betazed.
Father:Kasey Mergahn. Age: 59. Location: Betazed.
Siblings:Brother: Ian Mergahn. Age: 31. Location: Earth.
Sister-in-law: Shelly Mergahn. Age 31. Location: Earth
   Nephew: Kyle Mergahn. Age: 7. Location: Earth
   Neice: Riley Mergahn. Age: 5. Location: Earth.
Brother: Harmon Mergahn. Age: 29. Location: Earth.
  Sister-in-law: Melissa Mergahn. Age: 28. Location: Earth.
   Nephew: Mason Mergahn. Age: 5. Location Earth
Sister: Gillian Mergahn. Age: 22. Location: Rigel.
Starfleet History
2366Entered Starfleet Academy
2370Graduated Starfleet Academy. Assigned helmsman, USS Jackson
2371Awarded Golden Starburstor risking her life in saving Captain Max Thomas, Commanding Officer of USS Jackson.
2371Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2372Assigned Operations Officer, USS Jackson
2373Promoted to Lieutenant
2374Assigned Operations Officer, USS Alexanderia.
2374Awarded Meritorious Service Medal
2375Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2375Assigned Night Watch Commander, USS Hood
2376Assigned Chief of Operations, USS Hood.
2377Promoted to Commander. AssignedXO of USS Hood
2379Awarded Distinguished Service Cross for classified actions
2380Promoted to Captain, given Command of USS Wellington
2382Awarded Legion of Merit for resolving conflicts on Atlas Prime, Tegulas 7, and Axel 3 all within a 2 month period
2383Given command of the USS Athena
Medical History
>Last physical: stardate: 60369.52 (15 May 2383)
Status: Medically cleared for all duty with no restrictions
Report: Within the top 5% fitness level for age/gender.
Past injuries: --Wrist fracture: repaired, no long term effects noted as of this exam.
--4 rib fractures: repaired, no longer term effects noted as of this exam.
--Collar bone fracture: repaired, no long term effects noted as of this exam.
--Mandibular fracture: repaired, no long term effects noted as of this exam.
Past medical history: --None noted outside of traumatic injuries.
Psychological Profile
Last Physical: Stardate: 60369.57 (15 May 2383)
Status:Psychologically fit for duty
NOTE: for further information, please contact Starfleet Medical.
Personal History: