The following has been provided by Starfleet to the station as auxilary craft:

The U.S.S. Cavalier

  A Defiant-class ship, the USS Cavalier, is stationed at Atlantis on a permanent basis. It, too, has gone through the war and has some structural damage and general wear and tear. Though she is still sound enough for service and so when a mission calls for it, she's usable. Stats are basically the same as the USS Defiant. Her top speed (in her current condition) is warp 8.3 and she has a twitchy warp core at the moment.


  The station is equipped with 6 runabouts, the Kirk, the Maumee, the Zephram, the Alamo, the Sol, and the Sarak.

The following runabout information is from the Star Trek Ships web site:
  The Runabout cockpit contains 4 crew seats: 2 flight crew seats and 2 "passenger" seats; also present is a two-person transporter and a replicater.

  The midsection contains a detachable module which may be changed for different mission profiles, though with six runabouts available, this will not likely be used very often.

  The aft section of the Runabout holds living accommodations for up to 40 people, though the area would be very crowded with that number. Most times, Runabouts are occupied by no more than 8 people.
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