Atlantis Station

Deep Space 13

  Atlantis Station sits on the edge of the Federation at the boarder of unclaimed space. It is used by the federation (and occasionally others) as a supply station, for emergency medical treatment, repairs and occasionally R&R.

  The station is not in the best of shape due to the last great war. While suffering some minor damage due to enemy attack, its biggest problems are lack of resources for repair and general maintenance.

  The station, itself, has a central area, surrounded by a habitat ring. There are four docking platforms and eight docking pylons. Ops is in the central shaft and consists of a round command center, several science stations, a remote engineering station, access ports to the central computer and a commanders office.

  Also in the central shaft you will find main engineering, conference rooms, weapons lock ups and basic Starfleet necessities.

  The habitat ring holds not only crew quarters and civilian quarters, but also a few shops, a tavern, three holodecks (in various stages of repair), Main security with holding cells (six cubical, forcefield enclosed cells), a repli-mat, a few restaurants and other general amenities. There are 8 cargo bays in varying sizes and usage. A well maintained Arboretum is located across from docking pad C and is open to all persons. There is a large and fairly well equipped medical center in the habitat ring as Atlantis station gets a lot of medical emergencies there at the edge of unclaimed space.

Aries IV

  Atlantis station orbits a class M planet. Aries IV had no native population. It had been colonized by Old World French (farmers and the like, intending on living like the 21st century rural French country) nearly a century ago. It was now populated by some one million persons, Terran and other species, not all still intent on living Old World. A request had been made by a mining company to work on the planet. Both the colonists and the Federation have agreed to the mining of tridium. Though some of the colonists are admittedly opposed to the planet being 'spoiled' by mining.

The Muntz Field

  Named after the former CO of Atlantis Station, Captain Nelson P. Muntz, the field is a beautiful sight, but can be deadly. Filled with gravametrical abnormalities, energy pockets, asteroids and the like, it is very difficult to navigate through. Most ships prefer to find routes around it instead of through since the heavy currents can push ships directly into energy pockets or asteroids. Further, it is a popular hang out for pirates since scans are nearly useless in the field. Unwary ships soon become prey to unsavory characters. Little can be done to discourage this behavior in the field since it's impossible to know who or how many ships are in it at any given time.
  Still, it is a beautiful sight from Atlantis Station's observation rooms.