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April Maureen Styles-Fyrstk

Special note: April Styles was originally played by now-silent-character, Amy Jay. We lost Amy in january of 2006. The April Styles charater is being maintained in her memory. Because this is one thing Amy truly loved. -- We miss you, Amy.
Personal Data
Date of Birth: January 8, 2347
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Married
Husband: Fleet Commodore Lukas Fyrstk
Commanding Officer, Uss Eagle, NCC 9561
Children: Son: Malachi Jacob Styles, born 03/28/2368
Daughter: Luna Styles, born 10/25/2378.
Son: Rohan Alaster Fyrstk, born 03/20/2380
Son: Ronov Joachim Fyrstk, born 03/20/2380
Daughter: Jessica Megan Fyrstk, born 12/01/2381
Current Rank: Fleet Commodore
Current Position: Commanding Officer
Current Assignment: Starbase 294
Physical characteristics:
Height: 5' 71/2"
Weight: 125lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dirty Blond
Race: Human/Betezoid
Scars: Has several faint scars criss-crossing on her back.
Special Abilities: Strong Empath/Telepath.
History and Starfleet record:
April was born in San Francisco, Earth. Her father was a Betazoid man in Starfleet. Marcio, a First Lieutenant, served on the U.S.S. Columbia. Her mother, Maureen, was a Lieutenant on the same ship. She was put up for adoption shortly after her birth and her new parents, Dr. Stephen Ryan and Dr. Megan Ryan worked at a local private hospital. April graduated from high school at age 10 and earned her medical degree by the age of 16. She enrolled into Starfleet Academy stortly after medical school and graduated at the top of her class two years later. She was assigned to a deep exploration vessel as the AMO with the rank of LTJG. Several months later the ship was attacked by Cardassians as they were exploring a new planet and distroyed, leaving the AT stranded. The Cardassians hunted down and killed all of the AT, but April, who was taken and sold into slavery to a Cardassian.

He used her for pleasure and the intent of breeding several gifted half-breeds for his own personal gain. Several months later, she was rescued by a starship, very pregnant. After delivering a heathly male child, April returned to duty assigned to the ship that rescued her as the AMO. She was promoted to CMO a couple of years later, by now attaining the rank of Lt. Commander. Her son was kidnapped by his father and when Starfleet refused to help her get him back, she went AWOL in search of him. After months of cold trails, April joined a pirate fleet as the CMO and traveled with them. She met a man in TFL and after a conversation it was discovered that they were related. He convinced her to join his ship, using his influence to obtain a full pardon for abandoning her post. She agreed to become his XO. Shortly after she became XO, she was "detained" by Section 31 and was the unwilling participant in several experiements. Their experimentation created her ability to "start Fires" with a mere thought. After her rescue, she was reunited with her son Malachi, who is showing signs of being a very powerfully gifted Psionic.

To this day, April has not yet fully talked about both of her horrible experiences. The only visible effects seem to be her sudden fear of being in Sickbay and her hatred of Cardassians.

April is also a very accomplished Fighter Pilot and the creator of a telepathic computer program she calls Whisper.

Her second child, Luna, was conceived in 2378, when a being from another realm (later discovered to be one of Admiral Moondance Krell's people) had wanted to conceive a child on this plane of reality. He abducted April aboard her ship, USS Wyld Foxx-A, and impregnated her.

In May, 2379, April married Commodore Lukas Fyrstk (see link above). Less than a year later she gave birth to their twin sons, Rohan and Ronov. April and Lukas, both, maintained their respective commands, and despite their distant relationship, still managed to conceive their third child, Jessica Megan, who was born late-2381. At that time, April had once again been abducted by the same Cardassian who was Malachi's father. Aboard the Eagle Malachi sought out Lukas telling him he could sense something was amiss with his mother. Lukas and Malachi took off in the captain;s yacht, the Eagle's Wing, and went to Ap[ril's rescue. They went first to April's chip, then the Pathfinder, retrieved Dr. Ane, and went in search of April. They found her just in time to be there for Jessica's birth.

In 2383, April decided to give up her command of the Pathfinder and take a more stable position aboard Starbase 294. There, she felt she could raise the children in a safer environment, and be closer to her husbands normal patrol sector. This has proven advantageous because they were also closer to Earth where the children's grandparents reside.


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