Starfleet Intelligence

Personnel File:

Anton Dzhonovich Popov

Rank: Fleet Captain (under suspension pending Court-martial)
Age: 39
Height:5' 10"
Hair:Sandy Brown
Eyes:Emerald Green
Marital status:Widower
ChildrenSon: William, age 17
(See record "Ensign Popov, William Antonavich)
Daughter: Aleathia, age 6 (deceased)
Current place of
Starfleet record:
AssignmentYears theere
Starfleet Academy2.0
U.S.S.Wyld Foxx0.5
U.S.S. Prince of Wales2.0
U.S.S> Endeavor1.0
U.S.S. Viper3.0
U.S.S. Kitty Hawk2.0
U.S.S. Majesty1.0
Pasteur Station0.5
U.S.S. Bismarck3.0
U.S.S. Victorious1.0
Detention Facility2.0
Current status:AWOL Fugitive

Medals, Awards, Commendations

Has earned 64 awards and commendations from 7 governments, all suspended due to conviction and/or fugitive status.

For further information, all inquiries MUST be directed through the desk of Admiral M. Fashions

      Born thirty-nine years ago, he entered the world on a small M-class planet Inhabited mainly by colonists of Russian descent. The second son, he has always had a less than cordial relationship with his elderly father. From an early age he swore that he 'will get as far away from that horrid place (his house) as soon as he could'. Many years ago, with his planet's acceptance into the Federation, his dream of leaving home was realized.

     It was decided (among the rulers of his planet) that the best way to normalize relations was 'to effect the integration of the current military structures with those of the UFP.' In effect this meant several things: the trading of officers in 'joint operations', inviting Starfleet officers to attend the InterTerritorial Military Action Training and Tactics Educational Reserve Station (ITMATTERS), and accepting StarFleet's similar offer. Anton was on the first ship full of trainees.

     The Academy was a rough ordeal for him. First there was the language barrier, then there was his own attitude (he already was a commissioned officer (2nd Lt.) in his home world's armed forces, and it really got to him that the Federation 'wouldn't trust her valuable ally's judgment'). After he overcame these barriers, he advanced quickly in the areas of tactics and weapons systems. Quietly awed by some of the Federation's weapons, he finds the phased energy systems (Phasers) somewhat lacking.

     After his early graduation (he took a 'quickie' class course to graduation due to his prior experience), he took off three months to report home and visit his older brother. While on leave, he experienced combat for the first time. During the horrible battle, he managed to conduct himself very well. For his valor, he received one of the highest commendations his country can bestow (Hero of the Republic, Order of the Gold Cross).

     Commissioned as a Lieutenant (Junior Grade) on his return, His first Tour Of Duty (TOD) was on the USS Wyld Foxx A, where he excelled in his position as Tactical officer, and was quickly promoted. Following the completion of that tour, he married his secondary school (Vargyentay Secondary) sweetheart, Katerina (Katia) Vasilovna Pyotrova.

     He was transferred to the USS Endeavor as Tactical Officer. He excelled in the superior command climate of that ship, filling every position from ATac through XO, and, for the last three months before her retirement, Acting Commanding Officer. He completed all his duties in an efficient and well thought out manner, and received high acclaim and commendation for the high standards and morale found throughout his ship.

     His next two TODs were aboard the USS Prince of Wales, where he eventually gained the post of Executive Officer. The final week aboard ship was cut short, however, by the near destruction of the ship in an encounter with the Borg in the First Borg Incursion. It was during this battle, indeed, during the battle to get the wrecked ship home, that he swore that he would never serve on a fighting ship that carried a civilian complement. To this end, he authored the StarFleet White Paper: 'The Destructive Influence Of Civilian Cohabitation On the Performance of Starship Crews During a Time of Military Conflict,'

     This paper, and its negative repercussions with command, got him his next post as Executive Officer on a corvette (USS Viper) on picket duty. In the words of the Commanding Officer, 'One does not know the true meaning of Hades until one has spent a nine month cruise on a corvette.' The Viper has roughly twice the size of a Mod I runabout, and housed 15 crewmembers (4 officers, 2 NCOs, nine enlisted persons).

     After two TODs on the Viper, He was assigned as Commanding Officer for the USS Kitty Hawk, his first real command. Once again, he showed his natural aptitude in command and control operations, and his observations and SOPs have set many new standards in the areas of battlecruiser tactical operations and command and crew management. His second TOD aboard her was cut short, however, in a highly classified incident that ended in the destruction of the USS Kitty Hawk and "highly significant loss to the enemy, in men, material, and warfighting capabilities." While the board of inquiry, in secret session, found him "not culpable" for any loss of "life, limb or equipment," it did not include the usual statement of the virtues of continuing the investigated officer's role in command positions, leading many to believe that the board did not blame him to buy his silence about the incident.

     After an extensive wait, he was finally given command of the USS Majesty. He was, in his words, 'Shocked that they ever gave me another command, much less such a pretty one like her.' Regrettably, his pride and joy was shortly ripped from him by the cruel hand of fate. After she was badly damaged by a mine, Starfleet decided that she should be used as a suicide bomber against the largest of the Breen shipyards. Following the destruction of the ship, and the harrowing rescue by USS Caliburn, he was brought to Pasteur Medical station, where he underwent the obligatory court-martial, and was found not guilty.

     After the court-martial, he was attached to Pasteur Medical Station to assist in it's transition into a special operations base. Once that was complete, he was released for starship duty once again.

     This leads us to his next command, the USS Bismarck. She was a brand new ship, freshly commissioned, and handed straight over to him on Pasteur. He completed a two TODs aboard the Bismarck, and was reluctant to relinquish his command of her.

     His final command before his detention was the USS Victorious. All inquiries or information regarding the USS Victorious will be directed to the desk of Adm. M. Fashions.

     His uniform is standard issue except for a 1 inch strip of red cloth running from just over his shoulder, extending to the mid chest level, just to the left of his communicator. It bears his Republic rank (Colonel) and (nominal) unit designator (1st Assault Battalion/15th Armor, 1st Starcorps Div.), along with the ribbon version of the medal. If asked about what the ribbon means, he usually replies that 'it is something you get in my country for showing up with your shoes tied.'