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     As in any organized group, rules and regulations had to be drawn up to protect the integrity of our sims as well as the rights of our individual simmers. The admirals collecively drew up te following to do just that.

INDEX of TOPICS Respect Of Simmers:

All simmers will be treated with respect, from Admiral to Cadet to Civilians. Disrespectful treatment will result in disciplinary action against the offender. This can be as simple as a verbal warning up to as severe as removal from the group. Disciplinary actions against violators will be decided by the Board or a disciplinary panel.

Character Permission

In any log, sim, etc., one person must ask permission of the player(s) involved to use the other persons character(s) (Including NPC's) in situations so it does not create a problem. The agreement is then held only for that particular event. This includes; if you write a log using someone's character, you must get their permission before sending the log out to the rest of the crew.


CO's and XO's shall be approved and voted in by the board.

New CO's shall do the following:
  • CO bio and pic
  • Ship/Station Specs (only if it's a new ship/station)
  • Crew Roster
CO Ages
CO's have to make a reasonable age for their characters and submit the bio to the board for approval before anything else.
Sim Guests
People that are not on the sim may go to sims, but they must be cleared by the CO and/or XO. On email sims, this means you can have people watching (lurkers) on your mail string, again, CO and/or XO permission is required.

Board members are exempt from this rule, they may show up at any time without requesting permission. Email sim's should have their Sim Rep on their mail string.

Logs are the life blood of the sim group. Even chat sims, who's main action happens live, write and post logs. Posting to the boards enables others to see what your sim is doing, and may encourage new players, or at the very least, lurkers.

Duty and Personal logs should be 6-7 lines and should also be posted on the boards. Bios, joint logs, specs, and so on should also be this length and posted on the boards.

Again, posting to the boards is essential, it's what we do.

The message boards are PG rated and all logs must be written accordingly. Please remember that not all players are adults.

Specific areas of concern are:
  • No obscene or strong vulgar language.
  • No explicit sexual scenes.
  • No mentioning of sexual body parts, or bodily functions.
Posting and the SFI Web Page

Logs, bios, specs, etc., must be posted on the boards and bios, specs, and rosters will be sent to the web master. If an update on any of these is asked for, it should be done within a reasonable time period.

Players who cannot post to the message board for any reason must make arrangements for another member to post for them. i.e. the CO if he/she can post.
Live/Chat Sims:
Send out sim briefs each week and post them to the boards.

Log, or have someone log the actual sim. Make sure it gets sent to the Board as well as your crew.

Personal logs and duty logs are due from each crew member each week, (or sim if not a weekly sim), and are to be posted to the boards.
Email Sims:
Make sure everyone's logs get posted to the boards. Post any sim update/overview/report to the boards.

Promotions are based on simming ability, logs written, and attendance. The CO and XO should consider all these when looking at promotions.

Promotions cannot occur too close together. I.e.: a character cannot be promoted two months in a row, a reasonable amount of time must pass between promotions no matter how talented, hard working, or deserving a person/character may be. If you are unsure if enough time has passed between promotions for a person, ask the Sim Rep. Station/position alone does not decide promotion. i.e.: Ensign's can in some circumstances be department heads, lt. commanders can be XO's, etc.

Higher Ranking Promotions
Anyone who is about to be promoted to Lieutenant Commander or above needs to be cleared by the board, these ranks require a board vote. Approval will not be unduly refused.

The CO MUST notify the board about who is up for higher ranks for consideration of possible future command positions.

Races not admissible in Starfleet are not allowed in the sims. This includes Q's, Borg, and Jem Hadar. No 'all powerful' races either please. If you are unsure about a particular race, please ask.

Also not allowed: All powerful, god-like, or superbeings. New and/or changes in character powers/abilities must be approved by the CO. The CO has the right to refuse any character, including refusal of old characters newly acquiring new/different/increased powers, on this basis. If necessary, the Board has the final say on what is too powerful.

Characters in Starfleet should be at an appropriate age for their race to have completed the Academy. Humans, for instance, enter at age 16 at the very youngest, and would be 19 by graduation. Other races may vary depending on their age of maturity, life span, etc.


The Chain of Command should always be followed. However, if someone feels uncomfortable talking to their direct superior, they may go up the chain of command. Everyone has the right to talk to the Admirals if they feel they cannot talk to or have tried talking to their Department Head, XO, and/or CO.
Sim Representatives
The Sim Reps shall hear any problems that go on with the sims they are assigned to and will give their reports to the board. If they can't make the sims they are assigned to, they can make a meeting with the CO and XO of that sim on an agreed time by all three. Even if problems are solved/handled by the CO/XO, we'd still like to be informed about it. The board should not be in the dark about such things.
Board, Sim Rep, and CO Decisions:
Only some are listed here. If there is a question about who's decision something is, do not hesitate to ask the Sim Rep's or the board members.
Board decisions:
New CO's. Not only is there a vote in this case, but also there must be an interview with the CO candidate.

New XO's, an interview is not always necessary, but the CO must also approve the XO candidate.

Approval of promotions above Lt. Commander.

New policies, such as changes in the rules and regs, additional rules and regs, etc.

Reprimands of Board Members.

Sim Rep Decisions:
Removal of disruptive simmers. Done in conjunction with the CO. If it is decided that the CO or XO are the ones who need to be removed, then it becomes a board decision.

Dealing with posting problems within their specified sims.

Dealing with simmer relation problems that the CO and/or XO cannot or will not resolve.

CO Decisions:
The CO of a sim will have authority over the following:
  • Choice of XO, with the understanding that their choice must be ratified by the board's vote.
  • Reprimands of disruptive crewpersons, IC and OOC. (Sim Rep's should be informed either before or immediately after such occurrences).
  • Promotions within their crew, approval must be gained from the board with Lt. Commander and above.
  • Most awards to their crewmembers. CO's are encouraged to make use of awards as a way to reward and encourage their crew.
  • The rank of new simmers. Board approval is required for lt. commander and above as usual.
Workings of the Board:

A Board of Five equal Admirals run, direct and steer Starfleet Phoenix.

All Board members will cast one vote apiece on any given issue. In case of a tie, the presiding officer of the meeting will have the tiebreaker vote.

For a meeting to take place, a majority of the board members must be present, i.e.: 3 of 5 present. For a vote to be considered legitimate, most of the board must be present or have voted, i.e.: 4 of five voted. Absentee voting is permitted.

Absentee voting: An Admiral has until the following Wednesday to submit their vote via Email. Consideration will be given for extenuating situations.

For the purposes of the board meetings themselves, there will be a rotating Fleet Admiral scheduled to run the meeting. Their role will be to direct the meeting, decide on issues, call for votes and send reminders and/or issues via email during the week. The rotation is alphabetical and scheduled. If the Fleet Admiral cannot make the meeting, their Second will assume their duties for that night. The Second is also scheduled.

The Fleet Admiral also has the deciding vote in case of a tie.

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