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USS Eagle, NCC 89561

"That's one small leap for Man, one giant leap for Mankind!"
- Neil Armstrong, 1969

The USS Eagle is a live chat sim held on Wednesday nights at 9 pm Eastern time. It started out as an independent sim and then joined the Starfleet Intelligence Sim group (SFI). In December of 2003, the SFI folded and the Starfleet Phoenix Sim Group was formed. The command and crew of the Eagle stayed with the admirals forming the new group.
 emsp;This sim was a four-time winner of SFI's Fleet Admiral's Sim Award, and a one-time winner of the Starfleet Pheonix Excellence in Simming award.
  The sim started out as an America Online(TM) chat forum. The sim was moved to the AOL/AIM chat, and now conducts the Wednesday night sim in the IRC chat room

Feel free to browse through our site. Review the ship specs, history and meet our crew. We even provide a log of the sim held each week. Check out missions of our sim at the nission page. Here you will learn of the current and past missions. Enjoy our web pages. If you are a Star Trek fan, and would like to join our sim, you can fill out an application or e-mail the commanding officer. You can even come CHAT with us.

An Starfleet Phoenix Sim group ship

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