Personnel Bio

Name: Rayne McCloud
Current Rank: Commander
Current Assignment Executive officer, Pasteur Station
Year born 2351
Species: Xenexian
Physical Description: 6' tall, 165 lbs,black hair, purple eyes.
Parents: Mother & father both deceased (slain)
Siblings: One older sister also deceased (slain).


2356 - 2362 Attended McCloud Elementary Education Facility. Ranked in the top 5 of his class.
2362 - 2364 Attended McCloud Secondary Education facility> Secondary education disrupted in 2364 by the war for independence.
2369 Left Xenex to join Starfleet. Was required to pass a High School Diploma equivalency test before he was even considered for admittance. He scored so well on the test that his application was accepted right away.


2369 -2373 Starfleet Academy
2373 -2374 Served aboard the USS Leander as Tactical officer for 2nd and 3rd shifts.
2374 Transferred with other crew to serve as skeleton crew aboard the refit USS Eagle. Promoted to lieutenant and continued serving as tactical officer on 2nd shift.
2376 Accepted transfer to Science vessel USS Einstein. Served as 2nd officer and primary tactical officer. Promoted to Lieutenant commander in 2377.
2378 (late) Promoted to Commander assigned as Executive Officer aboard Pasteur Station - DS 21.
2387Promoted to Captain, assigned command of U.S.S. Eagle, NCC 89561
Starfleet Service Awards
Commendation Medal Awarded SD 020401 for command initiative in bringing the U.S.S. Dauntless despite new orders directing them to a Klingon space port, back to Pasteur Station when they lost total communications with the station.


Rayne was born on the planet of Xenex, in the city of McCloud. Traditionally Xenexians have no last name. Rayne, following the lead of the warlord M'k'hnzy of Calhoun, he "Federationalized" his name by adding the city of his birth to his name for a last name.

His early years were fairly normal. He lived with his parents and older sister in the city of McCloud. The planet was under the rule, at the time, of the Danteri. His parents ran a dining establishment which Rayne and his older sister would work in after teaching sessions or on days off. Rayne would bus tables, refresh patron drinks, and even wash dishes. He started learning to cook when he was 12.

The night of his 13th birthday, his father had closed the shop early and they were celebrating Rayne's entrance to manhood when a squadron of Danteri troopers burst in. They accused Rayne's father of being a rebel sympathiser and said he even had dealings with the warlord himself. Rayne's father was killed on the spot. Rayne's mother and sister were both raped and killed as Rayne was forced to watch. Just as it seemed they would turn their rage to Rayne himself, rebel warriors led by Mc'k'nzi, himself, burst in and took on the troopers. Rayne was able to enact some revenge when he tookk the knife that would have been to cut peices of his celebration cake and slice one of the Danteri throats. The warlord took the boy under his wing and Rayne helped free Xenex from Danteri oppression.

Once Xenex was free and Rayne was of age, he decided to follow in the footsteps of the warlord and leave his home to explore the stars in Starfleet.
Pasteur Station   Starfleet Phoenix

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