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NAME: Judy Kaha
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Commanding Officer, Atlantis Station, DS-13

Physical Data:
Species:Half Betazoid, half Klingon
Place of Birth:Betazed
Weight:135 lbs
Hair Color:Dark brown
Eye Color:Dark brown
Faint Klingon ridges on forehead and down spine. A small pink rose tattoo on left shoulder blade.
Personal Data
Year of Birth:2351
Homeworld:Betazed/Tenforward Station
Marital status:Single
Personal History:
  Judy is a Starfleet brat. Her parents served together on the USS Santiago. She's the eldest of three siblings, two female and one male (siblings: Jenka and Joseph). Betazed was their second home, when on leave, that's where they would be. Judy, usually roaming the country side without her parents consent. Both of her siblings followed her to Starfleet Academy. After all three graduated the Academy a holo-image was taken of four generations of Kaha's serving the Fleet. It is unfortunate that Judy and her Paternal Grandmother are all that remain of the Kaha legacy. Admiral Sigourney Kaha, retired on Betazed, still lives on the family estates that Judy calls home. Commodore Willis Kaha (paternal great grandfather) died of a head wound (hiking alone in the Betazed Mountains, fell off a cliff) three months after the holo-image was taken. Vice-Admiral Conner Kaha (paternal grandfather) had a massive heart attack upon learning the fate of his only son and his wife. Commander Jellad Kaha (father) and Lt. Commander B'Lora (mother) were killed at Wolf 359 during the Borg attack, there were no survivors. Joseph Kaha (brother) was also on board as an ensign at his first post, he of course, died too. Jenka Kaha (sister) was severely wounded during the battle to retake Deep Space 9, she died of those injuries, having never regained consciousness, three months later on Betazed.
Psychological Profile:
Telepathic rating:(This is a 1-5 scale) 3, empathic, mildly telepathic.
Starfleet Psyche
A quick intellect hampered by hardheadedness and a penchant for doing things her own way. Judy Kaha has the temper of a Klingon tempered by a Betazoid sensitivity. Though when she perceives a wrong, real or not, she fights to right it in any way she can. Sometimes her fight is not carried out in the prescribed Starfleet way.. Its a good thing her temper is short lived, else she would certainly have more than three reprimands on her record. Judy is strong willed, yet fair, possessed of a heart of gold and a head of steel. While the tragedies she suffered in her life have greatly pained her, she will not lose her basic tender, kind and caring outlook. (It should be noted that written in the margin of her Starfleet academy psychological evaluation form there is a hand written note that says "Has anyone ever told this woman NO??!" )
 Upon reaching the correct age, Judy applied to Starfleet Academy. It took her two tries to be accepted. She worked hard and should have graduated near the top of the class, but she had a penchant for wanting to do things *her* way. There are three reprimands on her record for physical fights while on duty, twice in the academy, once as a cadet serving on the supply ship, Catana. As an ensign Judy was assigned to the USS Constitution and has spent the majority of her service thereon. She received promotions several times to the level she now holds as Commander. Her record on that ship is extemporary, credited to her meeting, serving with and befriending another mixed breed officer who taught her a bit more balance between her halves.

PERSONAL MOTTO: "Get yer hands dirty.. Someone has to do it, so suck it up and lets go!"
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