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As the Federation reaches out further into space it is expected they will meet many more species of beings than those already known (i.e. Vulcans, Ferengi, Klingons, Romulans). Some of these beings will be benevolent, some will be just plain vicious. On this page you will be introduced to these uknown species which the ships of our fleet have come across.

The above is a non-canon representation based on the Star Trek-TM universe.

Featured Aliens
The Enclave
The Firegon
The Oriallans
The Spaculaans
The Starzen Conglomerate
The T'Kil
The Waferian

The Firegon

The Firegon are a spacefaring race of beings discovered by the USS Eagle in 2378. They have best been described as a strange mix of the Klingon and Ferengi species. The tallest Firegon, to date stood aproximately 1.75 meters tall. They wear battle armor similar to the Klingons.

To date, a planet of origin for the Firegon has not been discovered. Any data collected on them show that they live in an old, but rather large space station, which is light on shielding but heavily armored.

The Firegn ship is simple in design. The ship is almost twice the size of an Intrepid-class ship, but not as maneuverable. It is light in shielding,like the station, but heavily armored. It has two forward photon torpedo launchers and fore and aft directional disrupter turrets.

The Firegon have claimed Sector 5733 of Federation Space as their own. They have stopped ships which have dared to enter "their space," destroyed the ships and put the crews into an ill-kept prison camp. The Eagle discovered this camp after receiving a low-level distress signal while on routine patrol. The Firegon boldly and blatantly attacked the Cordovian Colony, on the edge of the sector. There were only 50 survivors out of a colony of 5,000. The survivors were rescued from the devastated colony by the Eagle, and transferred to Pasteur Station, DS 21.

The Firegon are considered a highly hstile race. Emergency warning beacons have been placed around Sector 5733, warning ships to travers around the sector. The Federation has decided to leave the Firegon be so long as they stay within that sector.
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The Waferian

A race of aliens wh0 happened upon Atlantis Station in ships with technology not yet explored by members of the station. The Waferian's appearance at DS 13, was initially hampered by a heavy language barrier. The alien tongue was so strange that it took extra efforts by the station's Chief OPs officer, Comander Hunter, to program the universal translator for the strange language.

The Waferians are made up of two castes: a purple caste (indicated by the skin color) and a blue caste. When they arrived at DS-13, the Blue Caste was subserviant to the Purple Caste. By request, Commander Hunter acted on behalf of the Blue Caste in negotiating a new contract with the Purple Caste.

The Wafierians depend heavily on the barter system to survive. In their quest for a new home, they had offered to buy the space station.

To date, there is still only one Pod of Wafierians in the Aplha Quadrant, and they are not yet members of the Federation.
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The Enclave
The Enclave are a tyrannical race located in the Beta Quadrant, some 25,00 light years from Federation space. They were discovered by the U.S.S. Athena while it was making it's way home on Stardate 58856.27. The Athena answered a distress call from a small freighter and found an Enclave ship in pursuit. Athena's captaian, then Lt. Svonn, ordered the passengers of the freighter transported off the doomed ship just before it was destroyed by it's pursuer. The Enclave ship then turned it weapons on the Athena, even though they did not know the crew of the freighter had been rescued. Svonn tried to diplomatically end the conflict, but the Enclave were not hearing it. Svonn ordered the disabling of the attacking ship.

The Enclave (this is unknown if this is their race name or orgizational name) measure 3 meters in length, and is estimated to be 2 meters in diameter. They are a slug-like species with two antennae affixed atop their heads. The only appendages they have are two stubby arms with hands. They use strong stomach muscles to propel themselves. When they are in a still position, two-thirds of their body is in an upright position, so that they would "stand" two meters tall. The Enclave are very territorial and view even an accidental encroachment of their space as an invasion, as the U.S.S. Eagle found out when they followed a Spaculaan experimental ship, in a slip-stream jump, to the edge of the territory closest to Federation space.

Encalve ship with weapons bay open The Enclave ship resembles two large eggs conected together. It is roughly two-thirds the size of an Artemis-class ship. It utilized high energy beams and nuclear torpedoes. The initial tactical assessment was one Enclave ship would do litle damage to a Starfleet vessel, but if multiples were to attack, the ship would eventually fall to them. The Enclave do not have scanners nearly as snesitive as the Federation ships. They also do not have transporter capabilities. The fact that the Enclave ship only has high-energy cannons
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The T'Kil
The T'Kil The T'Kil. This is not the name they have for themselves......as that word or concept has no translation into the speech of those races known as the Humanities. This was a name derived billions of years ago from a long forgotten species......one who'd come into contact with those who would become known as the scourge of all existence. It came from, simply enough, what they did to any and all species they encountered......and what seemed to be their prime reason for being......to kill. And kill they did. They came to prominence on a world that could be described as nothing more than a living Hell. That anything even remotely resembling life could evolve on such a place would seem to be beyond belief. Yet, miraculously, life did evolve on their world......a world that had temperatures of such extremes that the densest metals of the known periodic table would be nothing more than gases in the atmosphere. Winds blew at velocities that would turn the mightiest constucts of mankind to mere dust. On such a world was the first stirrings of life that became a force of antilife to any unfortunate enough to encounter them. They rose from the unknown elements of their homeworld, and struggled into being. They built from adversity and hardship to create cities undreamt of in design and concept, technologies that defied explanation..........and a philosophy that became a detriment to all who came afterward. Their world gleamed like a realm of the underworld, bathed in fire, yet teeming with a trillion, trillion souls.

They conquered their home, taming it, bending it to their will. Once they'd accomplished this lofty goal, they looked skyward..........and began to wonder. They studied the stars......and their wonder grew to reach obsessive levels. With the same force of will that had united them as one race with a common goal, they moved out into the Heavens..........and so began to leave a trail of annihilation that has no equal in any of the plains of existence. If indeed these Heavens were the work of some divine being......they most certainly erred when creating the lock to the cosmic equivalent of Pandora's Box......for it failed horribly. What was unleashed from that box moved out into their Universe......and it found life......but not like itself. Inferior, weak, puny, helpless......little more than a vermin-like infestation on world after world after world.

They began to cleanse their Universe......and made it over to suit their needs. The T'Kil prospered as a race......their numbers growing ever more numerous. Over the millennia, they became the only race left. Their technology grew, allowing them to travel huge distances, reaching all corners of being. They had cleansed all the vermin, keeping only those examples that they could use for a variety of purposes such as slave labor, experimental subjects, food, fuel, etc.

Their technology rose to a point where they discovered the method to produce gateways into other plains of existence. They sacrificed the lives of a billion of the vermin in an experiment......and opened a doorway. They moved forth into this new plain......and found more vermin. So......they began again their job of cleansing. (Information from "The Saga of the T'Kil", by Captain Jackson Archer.)

A T'Kil warship attacking a Borg cube.

The T'Kil mother ship.
(For a size comparison, the area circled in red has a flight of five battleships moving to rendezvous with the vessel attacking the Borg Cube)

In 2377, the USS Patriot, NCC 84777 was destroyed. A Prometheus-class ship, bearing the same name with the registry number NCC-84777-A. Early in their first missions the quantuum slip=stream drive malfunctioned leaving the crew forzen in time for ten years. When the crew awoke, they found there was no longer a Federation, or Starfleet, conquered by the T'Kil.

Temporal Investigations agents theorized that the T'Kil were responsible for the destruction of the Patriot. The agents believed it was done to force the Federation to prematurely launch the Patriot-A with the new drive, before it was ready. It was also believed the backlash of the failed drive resulted in funding cuts for Starfleet leaving the Federation wide-open to attack by the T'Kil. With the Federation gone, the rest of the Akpha Quadrant quickly fell as well. To prevent this, the Temporal Agents recruited the crew of the Patriot-A.

The ship and crew were sent back in time to prevent the destruction of the original Patriot. When this was accomplished, the future ship and crew simply faded away as theur timeline ceased to be. Before they vanished, however, they injected present-day, Tom Culkin with a bo-computer program detailing all these events, including the arrival of the T'Kil. Despite this warning from the future, it apears the T'Kil still arrie, and bring about the demise of the Federation.

In early-2382, the USS Eagle, NCC 9561 came across a a future version of their own Delta Flyer-class shuttle, the Falcon. Aboard this ship were two ten-aged boys which were discovered to be the twin sons of Commodore Fyrstk. The twins passage through time and waht appeared to be a battle before they made the time jump, inflicted mortal wounds on both boys and they died in the Eagle's sick bay. Their journey back in time was not in vain as they were able to deliver their warning, which was the coming of the T'Kil. (USS Eagle sim post Plot Log - T'Kil, "A Warning From the Future" and Sim of 050302)

End (for now)
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The Spaculaans
The Spacula Sector, fromerly the Spacula Empire, is an area of space approximately two-thirds (2/3) the size of the Romulan Star Empire. It has 50 knwn and populated worlds. The Spacula Empire fell when the former emperor squandered the Empire's reserves (riches). No longer being capable of financially maintaining the fleet of ships, the Empure had no backbone and the empire fell apart.

At the time of the break-up, the Spaculans had a fleet of 25 starships. These ships were a close resemblance to the Excelsior-class starship. It is highly speculated the designs for these ships were stolen from Starfleet by an R7D admiral, Admiral Gaalineo. He had disappeared from Federation Space only to appear several years later as CinC of the new Spaculan Armada. These 25 ships split up and went their seperate ways in the empire.

For the past ten (10) years, several small factions have been trying to take over the former empire. Being prettty evenly matched, or cunning, no one signle commander has been successful in a take-over. The area has been a hostile area.

A year ago the rightful heir to the Spacula throne, Iblimna, reopened trade negotiations with the federation. It has taken him this long to convince the Federation to again do business with Spacula Prime, the Spaculan homeworld.

Alongside Iblimna (supposedly standing with him) are his sister Driplia, and Admiral Gaalino. Driplia (unbeknownst to the Eagle crew) believes Iblimna, is too weak to poperly bring the empire back together and is awaiting her chance to push him aside and take over. Gaalino currently holds command over the three (3) ships which remained loyal to the Spaculans, but he is ready to take his allegiance to whichever side should emerge stronger.

The second faction encountered was the Frimdigians. Their leader, or High Driptor as he referred to himself, is Gladiam. Thus far the only thing known about them is they are a religious sect and Admiral Gaalion finds them a threat. In 2381, the Spaculaans attempted to open negotiations with the Frinkta. It was the emperor's hope that the hostilities between these two factions could come to an end, thereby forming a more united front to rebuilding the Spaculaan Empre. A meeting between the Frinkta high leader and Admiral Gaolino had been set up. The meeting never came to be as the High Leader of the Frinkta was assassinated by his second, Bakrat. Instead of a peaceful meeting, Bakrat ordered his forces to attack the waiting Spaculaan starship. The Eagle entered the combat area, but refused to take sides in what was essentiallly a Spaculaan Civil War. They did transport Spaculaans onto the ship which needed medical attention. The conflict ended when the second starship retained by the Spaculaans, Spacula Two, entered the fray. Also in 2381, te Spaculaan governement test flew a new version of the slip-stream drive. The Eagle was invited, by the Emperor against Gaolino's objections), to witness the tests. Unknown to the Spaculaans, the Eagle was able to follow the test ship as it entered slip-stream. Not too far into the tests, the Spaculaan siip stream drive went into overload. The Eagle crew just had enough time to transport the Spaculaans off the ship before it exploded and forced the Eagle out of slip-stream, The force of the explosion caused massive system failures aboard the Eagle and trapped it in the Beta Quadrant where they encountered the Enclave. The crew was eventually able to make temporary repairs tot he slip-stream drive and return the Spaculaans to their homeworld. In early 2382, it was learned Emperor Iblimna had a wife and daughter, when the Federation ambassador conspired with the Frinkta to have them transported to Spacula Prime from the colony they were hidden away on. The Eagle was asked to transport the two, by the Ambassador, because the Emporess was sick and in need of medical help on Spacula Prime. The fact that the two were royalty, and that the emporess was ill, was never revealed to the Eagle crew. The starship was also suposed to escort a freighter of needed supplies to the ninth Spaculaan colony, which is a "hot" area of Spaculaan space. The freighter turned out to be an empty decoy which had required that te royal passengers be transported to Spacula Prime by means of the Eagle's shuttles. The Delta Flyer=class shuttle, Falcon, was deplyed and summarily attacked by a Frinkta cruiser. The crew of the Falcon were forced to land on a Class-M planet and take to the hillside to avoid capture by the Frinkta commander, Tegra, and his forces until help arrived. The High-landers Another group of the former Spaculan Empire are the group we have come to know as the High-landers. From the planet High, they appear tolive for one purpose, which is to live care-freee and smoke their "hurb." Thus far we have met Captain Dopelot. The Frinkta A fourth group to come in contact (sort of) is the Frinkta. Their agenda has yet to be determined. They are a hit-an-run terrorist group. The Frinkta first appeared in crudely cloaked one-man fighters. They swarmed the High-lander starship and beamed aboard explosives causing massive damage. Shortly thereafter, the Frinkta were able to slide into transporter range of the Exclesior-class starship. It has also been determined that they do not have the cloak in full sync with the power systems on the ship which leaves a slight but tell-tale trail which the Eagle sensors have been programmed to detect. When the Frinkta abducted Fyrstk, their leader delivered an ultimatum: "Either leave the system, or fall prey to the activities of the Frinkta." This meant the Eagle would now be subject to terroristic acts much as the rest of the system is. On Stardate 030205, the Eagle detected the Frinkta starship on a course for a Spaculaan colony world. The colony had minimum planetary defense and the Frinkta were approaching with their cloak up. The Eagle, coming in under sub-mode disguised as Spacula One, was able to fire a anyon pulse at the Frinkta starship, disrupting their cloak and thwarting their attempts at massive damage to the colony. They did manage to get a bomb in transport, but due to the Eagle's intervention, the trasnport was not completely successful and damage to the colony was minimal.
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The Oriallans
In their travel towards home, across the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant, the USS Athena came upon a small ship that was badly in need of repair, from battle damages. Aboard that ship was a woman, ch'Ren Takela. As the Athena was in need of a guide in this area of space so far from home, and Takela in need, they took her in to become a member of the crew.

Ms ch'Ren was a member of a peoples called the Oriallans. Thier homeworld was a planet called Orialla, located in the Beta Quadrant and destroyed by the Borg in 2379. Only a small fraction of Oriallans survived the onslaught of the Borg. They were the ones who were off world at the time of the attack, or the ones who were able to escape when the attack came. Only about 500 survive, and they are spread throughout the quadrant

Oriallans have a life expectancy of 115 - 130 years. They mature at age 25. That is also when they become a legal adult and leave their parents homes for a life of their own. They Have a series of black spots down their back from the top of the vertebra to the tailbone. These spots lighten until the age of 25, when the Oriallan reaches full maturity. At that time the spots are almost the same color as the skin color, and barely noticeable, unless you are looking for them. Their physical appearance is similat to Terrans. The males range in height from 5ft 5 to 6ft 5inches. The females ranger in height 5gt 1, to six foot. Their hair colors are atypical of Terran hair colors.

The Oriallan society is a caste society. Each Caste was designated with a prefix in the family name. Warrior Caste=ch, Philisophical Caste=tr, Merchant/Artistant Caste=ol, Labor Caste=yi, Slave Caste=me. Abuse within or between Castes is not tolerated, and punished severly. There is little to no gender biasis on the planet, rather things are based on ability (within each caste). The Warrior Caste makes up 25% of the population, Philisophical Caste 10%, Merchant/Artistant Caste 20%, Labor Caste 30%, and slave Caste 15%. Both emotions and logic are highly valued in all of the castes, so long as it enhances their place in the caste and does not negitively interfer with their assigned duties. Discipline is, also, highly valued. Disobedience is not tolerated, and punished severly. This is especially true in the Warrior Caste, as they make up the military force.

Oriallans are phi-null. They are highly intelligent and have a high physical endurance due to having a very different internal organ design then Terrans. They are more similar to Vulcans physiology, containing multiples of some of the major organs. They're lungs are about the same size as Vulcans. They have two hearts that beat in alternate measures (heart one beats then heart two then heart one, ect). One heart is located on the right side, cushioned up against the Right lung. The other one is located on the left side, in a similar fashion. While each heart is primarily responsible for the side that it's on, it can also be used to pump blood to the other side when needed. The Liver is about 50% larger then a Terran liver, allowing for better toxin removal. The Kidneys are also larger. The organs are compacted very close together and are well lubricated to cause very little friction. The lubrication is unlike that in the Terran system, it is a unique substances called Tralaxian Fluid, and is not similar to anything known in the federation space. Inflamation or infection of this fluid is very rare, but it is also very deadly. It has a mortality rate of 75% with no known treatment, and it is excrutiatingly painful. Oriallans, overall, are fairly healthy, but they do suffer from a variety of ailments from bacterial/viral diseases, to genetic disorders. Most are curable, or at least treatable, but there are a few that are fatal with no known treatments, including Torman's Syndrome (process where the patient slowly goes insane), Markarian Disease (Where the body is destroyed from the inside, a rare genetic condition that lays dormant until Maturity), And Kallorna Fever (a viral disease that attacks the brain and has resisted all forms of treatment). The medical program is well developed.

The Oriallans have high auditory sensitivity, and high visual acuity, however they the other senses, olfactory, tactile, and taste are more diminished then most terrans. This leads to very little enjoyment from food and eating, instead they eat only for nutrients. Some very spicy food does have a taste, but it is still very mild. Prior to the age of maturity, Oriallans have varrying degrees of an inability to filter/organize the visual and auditory stimulus that they perceive. By the age of 21, most have a good filter system set up, and so they can tolerate much higher dose of stimulus. This is one major reason why prior to this age, Oriallans were not allowed to visit any off worlds, their senses would literally be overwhelmed. Even though lots of research has been done, the process of this filter developement is still unclear. It just naturally starts to form from the age of 18 and is usually complete in form by age 21.

The Law code of the Oriallans contains rather harsh punishments. The worst punishment that can be given to an Oriallan is not death, but rather exile, dishonor, and loss of position in any caste, even the caste of slave. Because of the high level of discipline that is required of the Warrior Caste, their Law Codes are the most strict of any caste, and have the harshest punishments. To beg for mercy when one has committed a crime is cause for exile in the Warrior Caste. The principle of the law system is guilty until proven innocent. And a senoir officer is expected to punish his subordinates immediately after the act, or as soon as possible. There is no appeal process for this level of punishment. At a more severe level, the accused is brought before a tribunal, 3 well respected members of the Caste are choosen to judge the accused. Should the accused be found guilty, he may appeal to High Commander. However such appeals are usually met with guilty verdicts and much harsher punishments, and rarely is this option utilized.
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The Starzen Conglomerate
  The Starzen Conglomerate is a Federation-type union located in the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant. They were discovered by the U.S.S. Athena in early 2385, when their shuttle, Sparta, wandered into an area of space the Starzen considered as Area 324 (Athena: "Enter the Starzen").
Sparta and the Starzen cruiser
  In that encounter, the Sparta had been attacked by an unknown ship while they were investigating the power signature that matched the Elder Base, and had been detected on the Athena's long-range sensors. The Starzen patrol cruiser confronted them and were going to take them into custody for violating the Forbidden Area. The Athena had sent out two Romulan attack-shuttles, to find their missing ship. The Romulan ships, led by Ere'Riov Ronov, flanked the Sparta while still cloaked, and let Lt. Commander Svonn know they were there. Svonn, in turn, disclosed the arrival of the two Romulan ships, to the Starzen captain, in an effort to show his honesty and try to gain the trust of the Starzen. The plan worked. The captain allowed the Federation and Romulan crafts to leave the area and return to the Athena.
  In the Federation year 2386, the Athena's sensors detected yet another power signature matching the Elders. Lt. Commander Svonn determined it was also in one of the forbidden areas, regulated by the Starzen Conglomerate. Unknown to the Starzen people, they sent two Romulan attack-shuttles, under cloak, to investigate. The investigation turned up an operational, but deserted, base. The shuttles returned to the Athena, and the officers discussed the options open to them to be able to do more extensive studies on the base. ("Checking the System", "Readings", "The Elder Base")

  A little later, in 2386, the Starzen Patrol cruiser #223, commanded by Captain Juntu, came across one of the most frightening sights in their career. A Scimitar-class warbird, testing an experimental slip-stream drive, had been ripped from the slip-stream conduit and dropped into Starzen space. The IRW Ourai'Sienov was left floating dead in space. No sensors, weapons, communications, ... nothing. They did have a complement of Scorpion fighters which were launched. Those ships spotted the Starzen cruiser's approach and went into attack mode.

  In the heat of the battle between the lone Starzen cruiser, and the Scorpions, the U.S.S. Athena, having sensed the Ourai'Sienov's abrupt drop to normal space, dropped out of warp, and immediately put itself in between the Starzen cruiser and the attacking fighters. Erei'Riov Ronov called off the fighters ("Arrival", "Look At The Size Of That Ship!"). When things had calmed, Captain Juntu made a shuttle hourney over to the Athena. There, Captain Mergahn requested a meeting with one of the Starzen leaders. Admiral Detalya arrived, and he was told of the discovery of the Elder Base, and of the T'Kil threat. As the Athena towed the crippled warbird to New Romulus, Detalya took the Federation's request to the conglomerate's chancellor.
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