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Amy Jay (One of our own)

Posted by danlanders

"Silent Character"

Amy Jay

Admiral Moondance Krell Commodore April Styles-Fyrstk
Amy was better known as Admiral Moondance Krell, Commodore April Styles-Fyrstk, and Dr. Rhys Thuryn (to name a few). She also played Counselor Querion McVey. As Krell, Amy helped to form this group, setting it up to be a respectable and fine group to be a part of. As April, she commanded the USS Pathfinder sim. She put her heart and soul into the role she played as commander of that sim.

In the amatuer radio service (HAM operators), when one of their own passes away, that person becomes known as a "silent key." I feel it is only fitting when we lose one so dedicated to our hobby, we reer to them as a "Silent character."

Amy's contributions to this group (as well as in other groups she has been associated with) , and her unique style of character playing shall be missed. I would hope you all join with me in sending our prayers out to her RL son, family and friends whom have to deal with her loss on a more personal level.
Sim Member Contributions
Lukas Fyrstk, Commanding officer - USS Eagle
I started interacting with Amy when I wanted a personal apect of my character's life to come into the sim. I had him become interested with the CO of the U.S.S. Wyld Foxx - A. Amy was more than willing. We developed an in-character relationship between Lukas and April Style, which eventually led to them becoming married, then the birth of Lukas and April's children. Amy further enriched my simming when she allowed me to use April's son, Malachi, in my sim. HE has developed from an NPPC into his own character.

As a tribute to Amy, I have kept the character of April Styles-Fyrstk alive. With permission from Amy's closest online friends, I wrote a story, "Reflections," as a tribute to her.

I still cannot believe she is gone. I pray her family can cope with their loss. I also pray Amy is finally in peace. My simming experience with this group has been enriched since dealing with her.
Dan Landers, Admiral:
Captain James Hunter:
USF tribute to Amy

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