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  Hurricane Katrina has taken her toll on the Gulf Coast region of the United States of America. On a very personal note, one of our won simmers has been a victim of this natural disaster.

Barb, of the St: Sliders, A New Odyssey sim has lost everything. It is our hope that we can personally reac out and help her in her time of need.

Some supplies that are needed:
    Nephew Brayden - 4 years old; size boy's 5

    Underwear - boxerbriefs for boys (who woulda known they come in little man size)
    Sock - cool weather warmy type
    Snow boots - We'll check on size tomorrow
    Jacket - cool weather type.
  • A gift certificate for toys for him too, to either Walmart or Toys R Us...
  • SISTER - Size 16 pants 2x shirt

    pants - shirt and pants for cool weather all she grabbed were shorts
  • Barb - Size 24 pant 3x shirt

    Shirts ( Tshirt or sweatshirts)
  • Pet supplies for kitties needed.
Supplies or certificates can be sent to:
  • Neosho Junior High
    Bari Pitcher
    511 Neosho Blvd.
    Neosho, MO 64850
A account has been set up. Folks need to set up accounts that have money withdrawl from their checking accounts. We had to go this route because its free for Keiri and Gat... if not then we would have charged them 2.9% plus .30 on their money for having the account and it being able to use debit cards. Sorry about this...donations go to

However, if this is not preferred, then please use Western Union. She's in Ogden Utah, and should be able to get funds that way. Just please advise so that I can call her.
Contact the   the web manager.
Be certain to include "SPSG" in the topic line.