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Ship/Station Class Day Time
Atlantis Station Station E-Mail By Mail
USS Challenger Excelsior E-Mail By Mail
Pasteur Station/DS 21 Special Ops E-Mail By Mail
USS Bismarck Prometheus Monday 2030 EST (8:30PM)
USS Pathfinder Sovereign Tuesday 2200 EST (10PM)
USS Eagle Intrepid Wednesday 2100 EST (9PM)
USS Scorpion Miranda Wednesday 2300 EST (11PM)
USS Athena Artemis E-Mail Sim by Mail
USS Patriot Sovereign E-mail by Mail

*Please make sure you are able to attend the sims.

   1st choice       2nd choice

Please note, that some positions and or ships may be filled. If your first choice of ship is full then your second choice will be looked at to post you. You will be posted by ship first, then the requested post, if possible. If one simming time is not good for you, please do not put it down.

Please use this space to write down any information that may be helpful in posting your character on a ship. Also please include any special abilities your character has (ex. mind abilities).




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