Crew Roster

Due to the unique combined Starfleet/Romulan crew, a new uniform was developed, along with the commbadge pictured above, was developed to reflect the combination of the two.
The sash-like marking across the front of the unifrom represents the departs aboard ship. Command, Medical/Sciences, and Operations/Engineering. The rank markings for the officers were also changed so as not to segregate the crew. The new markings are shown with the rank listed below.


Commanding Officer:
Name: Jazmine Mergahn (
Rank: Captain

Executive Officer:

Name: Ronovov tr'Daelk (
Rank: Erei'Riov (Commander, sub-commander)

Second Officer:

Name: OPEN

Chief Medical Officer:
Name: Noah Fyrstk, M.D (EnsNoahFyrstk)
Rank: Lieutenant

Assisstant Medical Officer:

Name: OPEN
Rank: Erein  Antecenturion)


Name: Jada Damaris
Rank: Lieutenant junior grade
Operations Manager:
Name: ch'Ren Takela
Rank: Lieutenant (nonorary)

Tactical Officer:

Name: (OPEN)

Helm Officer:

Name: JhuRhiana t' Fyrs'tk (NPC)
Rank: Arrain (Lieutenant, Centurion)
Chief Of Science:
Name: Svonn of Vulcan
Rank: Lt. Commander

Assistant Science Officer:

Name: Dhivael Jaeih t'Radaik
Rank: Arrain (Lieutenant, Centurion)
Note: Dhivael also holds a medical degree. She funtions also in the capacity of an assistant medical officer when needed

Chief Security/Tactical Officer:
Name: Zerliak i-Dartha trYarra (NPC)
Rank: Arrain (Lieutenant, Centurion)
Security Officer:
Name: Rolan MacLaurence (NPC, played by T'Shana)
Rank: Ensign (Errien)
Chief Engineer:
Name: Terek (LOA)
Rank: Arrain (lieutenant, Centurion)
Assistant Chief Engineer:
Name: Anatov Chekov (NPC, played by Ronov)
Rank: Lieutenant (Arrian, Centurion)

Assistant Engineer:

Name: Max Ghraeme
Rank: Lieutenant junior grade

Assistant Engineer:

Name: TShana chaAAnikh
Rank: Lieutenant junior grade

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